Blac is going to have to provide an alibi from two years ago, after her white BMW nailed into another vehicle that was carrying three passengers in the valley in November 2015. Witnesses at the scene said they saw two African-American women in mini-skirts get out of the vehicle and jump into another car that was close behind, fleeing the scene. 

Blac has remained adamant that she was not in the vehicle and her friend Paige Addison admitted she was the one behind the wheel. Paige was charged with a felony and hit and run. 

Jon Teller, an attorney to one of the women involved in the crash, now tells TMZ that Blac is set to be deposed this week where lawyers are going to try and poke holes in her story on her whereabouts at the time of the crash. The publication reports that Blac has not offered one piece of evidence to prove that she was not at the two-car accident. 

Jon adds that his client's life has been severely altered since the collision, as she has back injuries that may require invasive surgery. The case could pass the million dollar line as the trial continues, factoring in pain and suffering. 

Lawsuits just don't end for Blac who has a number of cases on the dock, mostly involving the Kardashian family. The 29-year-old is suing her former family-in-law for allegedly being the reason her reality show got cancelled. She's claiming that the family used their "power and influence over the E! network to kill the second season" of Rob & Chyna. Chyna reportedly lost as much as $92,500 per episode and wants the family to pay the damages. E! on the other hand, says there's lots of evidence to prove the show was cancelled for other reasons, such as Blac becoming very violent and volatile with Rob.