Mother of two, Blac Chyna, doesn't have beef with either of her children's fathers. According to the model turned businesswoman, the social media rumors surrounding her previous relationships with rapper Tyga and Rob Kardashian aren't the truth. Chyna and Tyga split in 2014, two years after the birth of their son King as gossip spread that a teenaged Kylie Jenner was the reason behind the breakup.

In 2016, Chyna began dating Kylie's half-brother Rob Kardashian and later that year, they welcomed their daughter, Dream. However, the baby was still an infant when they announced that their relationship had ended. In a recent interview with Atlanta radio station V-103's The Morning Culture, Chyna made it clear that despite the controversies surrounding her past romances, she doesn't have any drama with her former lovers.

"I didn't really have like, a beef with Tyga," she said. "Once we broke up and separated, it was like, it is what it is. It wasn't like no I hate you type of situation. It was more so of we're just gonna co-parent." She said that contrary to how social media made things seem, she didn't have animosity toward Kylie.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

"I was friends with Kim [Kardashian] so you know how media can portray certain things and whatnot," she stated. "But that's all in the past. I don't really care about it." When it was mentioned that she later dated Rob, she corrected that to say that they were engaged. "Sometimes things don't work out, and I feel like the best thing that we're focused on is Dream right now and just co-parenting really, and that's all that really matters."

Chyna added that she's single and not worried about entering into any relationships, but it doesn't matter because her "DMs are dry." It's suggested that men don't contact her because they're intimidated by her dating past or because she and her exes have money, but she said that she's holding down her own household without any financial help from neither Tyga nor Rob. The radio hosts can't believe that neither father pays child support, but Chyna stands by her accusation.

However, there are plenty of ex-couples who choose to keep the courts out of their financial business. Yet, Rob and Chyna did have a messy child support battle earlier this year, but there were reports that stated a judge ruled that Rob didn't have to pay her anything.