The drama continues in the Blac Chyna x Rob Kardashian saga. To bring you up to speed quickly, Kim, Rob and Kris just responded to Chyna's lawsuit yesterday in which she accused the Kardashian family of sabotaging her reality show "Rob & Chyna" out of revenge. Chyna believes that the family as a whole had conspired with the E! network to cancel her and Rob's series. However, according to the Kardashians, the real reason the show was canned is that Chyna got that domestic violence restraining order against Rob after the two began to fight on the regular, "making it impossible to shoot a show with interactions between the [two].”

Apparently the Kardashians claim that her restraining order was the reason for the show’s cancellation has left Chyna absolutely livid at the moment, and Chyna thinks they're sending a terrible message to women that getting a domestic violence restraining order is a bad thing.

According to TMZ, Chyna says she was in fear for the safety of her and her daughter, and women should not lose jobs just because they try to protect their family from violence. She says Rob physically abused her, and he continuously denies it.

However this is a minor flaw in Chyna’s story. As pointed out, she dropped the restraining order outright back in September after Rob agreed to pay her $20k a month in child support. And as one Kardashian source said, if she really felt threatened she would never have dropped the restraining order.