Some things get better as they age. Wine and whiskey are two things that people seem to go crazy over when they've gone a few years in the cellar. It's a well-known fact that sex can be pretty bad when you're just starting out. On VH1's new series Grown & Sexy, men and women in their thirties are set to discuss how their sexual experiences have gotten better as they got older. And who better to start off the conversation than somebody like Blac Chyna.

Chyna is arguably most famous for her sex appeal so it only makes sense for her to be speaking about her experiences in the bedroom on VH1's new show. In the trailer for the new episode, the former stripper notes that she's no longer afraid to dictate the action with her man. Remy Ma and Papoose also appear on the show, where they encourage people to just do whatever they want. Remy says, "Just do it. Guys are just dirtballs, freaky, so they're gonna be with it." 

The new series premieres tonight on VH1 as many more celebrities will be discussing how their sex lives have changed over the years. From the establishment of safe words to experimentation in the bedroom, this will definitely be pretty interesting.