Blac Chyna is the latest reality TV star trying to make it in the world of hip-hop music, with an album currently in the works that should involve at least a few big names. However, whispers of the soon-to-be emcee's rampant drug use have continued to be talked about since before her break-up with Rob Kardashian, another much-maligned small screen personality. Those rumors have now escalated in volume a little bit, after a screencap of a Maddy Morebucks Snapchat began circulating online late last night.

According to the Instagram celebrity, Morebucks intimated that Chyna really needs to "chill the f**k out" with her continued substance abuse, adding that she was going to "let that s**t slide" for the night, but it's clear that she's unwilling to put up with these types of antics for much longer. There's no indication of where they were together, nor was the quantity or type of drugs that she was consuming revealed in detail. That being said, it's certainly a direct shot at Chyna and a habit that seems to be growing in its intensity. You can view one of the screencaps of the Snapchat below.

This isn't the first time Blac Chyna has been accused by those close to her of have a problem with drugs. In February of last year, she was arrested in an airport in Austin, Texas for being belligerent in public. During the investigation process and the public fallout that ensued, she was supposedly caught trying to carry ecstasy through the airport security check, adding to an embarrassing situation that started with public intoxication and railing against an airport bartender who refused to serve her. Then, earlier this year, Rob Kardashian accused her of using drugs in an irresponsible way and, as a result, putting their daughter Dream in danger. There's been no response from Chyna on the matter, but in the court of public opinion, it's certainly an topic of discussion that isn't going away in the near future.