Blac Chyna may be fighting to get a $2 million cyberbullying case dropped while defending her honour as a single mother who gets no child support from her exes, but all that doesn't mean she's still not continuing her hustle on the side. After recently posting an image of herself in the studio teasing the arrival of some new music, the mother of two has now shared a behind the scenes clip of a photoshoot that sees her lounging in a pool.

We can't confirm what the shoot is for but considering the latter, it may very well be the accompanying art for her new music. "Sweet like Juicy Fruit," she captioned the clip.

While Blac fleshes out her pursuit into the music industry with some fans on her side, K. Michelle is one woman who isn't as supportive of Blac's music endeavors. "This industry is the only industry where a mothaf*cka can just walk in without an audition," K. Michelle said. "This music is something you fight for your whole life. It's not something that you just automatically know that you wanna do. This be people's last resort."