Blac Chyna's allegations against the Kardashian's are still going strong. As you may know, Blac sued Kris Jenner and her eldest daughter's claiming they interfered with her E! contract and made her reality series Rob & Blac get cancelled. She's also claimed that the family are out to destroy her ever since she and Rob Kardashian ended their relationship.

New reports via TMZ say the judge in the case has dismissed the claims against the Kardashian's. The judge admitted that although he didn't watch any of Blac's reality show (while it was on air for a short time) her contract with the network was negotiable and not enforced so the Kardashian's cannot be blamed for it falling through. 

Although the judge did not agree with Blac's allegations, he gave her one more chance to come up with a proper case against Kris and Kim specifically. 

Blac's lawyer, Lisa Bloom, didn't fully agree with how TMZ depicted how the court session went and called the meeting a "win" for Blac, adding: "We now have the right to add more allegations, and we will."