Blac Chyna wants you to know it's real. Rumors were circulating that Future and Chyna were an item a few weeks back, but just as talk had died down, Chyna took to her Instagram to reveal a brand new tattoo on her hand that reads "FUTURE".

Of course, the word future is pretty vague and doesn't necessarily have to relate to everyone's favorite Gucci flip-flop-wearer, but just to make things clear, she captioned the photo "thought it was a drought".

At this point, we're ready to make the call -- Future and Blac Chyna are a thing, at least from Chyna's perspective. We're just wondering if Fewtch got a tatt himself.

Both celebrities have children with other artists in the industry (Future with Ciara, and Chyna with Tyga), so this could potentially get a bit complicated -- as these things tend to do. For now we're just wishing the best for the couple, because they are a couple right?

Check the post below.