Blac Chyna posted a somewhat strange flex to Instagram today. The entertainer posed in her plastic surgeon's office, sporting some cute, form-fitting workout gear. Her caption asked her fans to guess which plastic surgery procedure she is planning on getting next. The public dragging that followed could bring someone to tears but Chyna has survived worse criticism in the past. The following are examples of some of the pettiest, cutting remarks posted in response to her query.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

One commenter suggested her tongue might be the only part of her body currently untouched by the surgeon's knife. Another flavio.rodriguez.19 – What else do u have natural???" Another social media user seemed to agree when they commented, "Your eyes [?] cause like you can’t see that your turning yourself into pennywise."

Others focused on the reality television star's personality as if she needed to change her character. Someone said they plan on turning to God in hopes she will become a better person, writing, "Imma pray it’s your morality." Another hater suggested her career as the perfect place for a revamping: "You’re getting some talent? Cause we have no idea why your relevant @blacchyna." Now, that's cold.

Blac Chyna has a rebellious streak and will most likely do whatever she wants to do, regardless of other people's opinions.