This weekend, Blac Chyna decided to challenge her fans to do some reading. At first glance, she posted what would appear to be a confirmation that she's expecting twins soon. Perhaps she and Kid Buu decided to make a family of their own. However, you needed to read the fine print to understand the context. Chyna wrote on top of the ultrasound photo that she was excited to welcome two new babies into her life in September 2019. A few lines below though, the entertainer added that the post was simply to "freak everyone out."

Blac Chyna has children with Rob Kardashian and Tyga but as of right now, she's not expecting any children with Kid Buu. She's not confirming anything, rather. Fans were discontent with the post with many pointing out that some women try hard to get pregnant so it isn't something that she should be joking about. Something tells us that Chyna doesn't care at all about the backlash though. The photo is still on her page and fans can comment on it at will.

The former stripper is no stranger to controversy. Just a few weeks ago, she was under fire for promoting a skin lightening product in Africa. She'll always be looking to make headlines - good or bad - and this proves it.