Blac Chyna's evening at the VMAs went left, for not only her but for one of her fans. According to Us Weekly, Blac Chyna threw a fit at the MTV VMAs before damn-near almost getting into it with a fan. Sources claim the model "was complaining and yelling" about pizza at a spike Italian lemonade concession stand because she was hungry. “I’m hungry. I’m starving. I’ve been starving all week, actually,” she allegedly said. However, she was apparently yelling that while eating chicken fingers.

Things got even worse shortly after. As you know, all the stars come out during the VMAs and it's truly one of the few moments their fans can actually see them in person. Blac Chyna, who was admitted hangry, was approached by a star-struck fan who was trying to get a picture. However, as seen during her trip to Six Flags, Blac Chyna isn't afraid to throw down. Thankfully, the argument seemed to stay in a verbal space. 

“At the same time, an overzealous fan who was trying to get a picture with Chyna came back to bother her,” the eyewitness said. “The situation escalated quickly into a fight, as Chyna didn’t want to take the picture. Chyna and the fan were yelling at each other."

After the whole incident went down, Blac Chyna decided she'd be better off heading home.