Blac Chyna went to extra lengths recently to get her ex's name removed from her body. TMZ got its hands on Blac's latest tattoo that sees her covering up "Future" with her daughter's name, Dream.

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Blac got the ink when she and the "Mask Off" rapper were only dating for a rumoured month. When the publication first broke the story back in 2015, sources told them they had a real connection and Fewtch looked at the tattoo as a sign of real commitment. It's taken some time for Blac to finally get it removed, and for good reason since her daughter's name is a much better choice. 

Blac's last confirmed (and most public) relationship was with Rob Kardashian who is the father of Dream. The duo dealt with some major court dealings where Rob alleged Blac of physically assaulting him when she was drunk and high, where he noted how she tried to strangle him with her iPhone charging cord. 

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She's now rumoured to be dating Playboi Carti after a few photos have surfaced of the possible couple cosying up together.