Blac Chyna has a lot of naysayers on her hands, but even the strangers showering her with compliments are somewhat irritating. TMZ caught up with Blac Chyna at LAX on Friday while she was waiting on a ride. To her left, YBN Almighty Jay fiddled on his iPhone oblivious to the chatter around him. The paparazzi wanted to chit chat about hair extensions and baby accessories.

At first, Chyna played along with the field reporter searching for the name of baby Dream's stylist. I gather, Chyna thought it was fishy that a grown man was genuinely interested in her child's appearance. For her pink hair clips to come up in conversation serious low point for the Journalism graduate. What makes our reporting all the more significant, is that we're in on the joke. Chyna concluded the "nothing" affair by saying "I don't care my guy, have a good day" before pushing through the automatic door sensors.

Chyna has faced criticism for putting the hair extensions in her baby's hair in the first place. Instagram were up in arms after Chyna posted a picture of her child sporting the pink hair clips, some even suggesting "it’s a baby, not a doll to play to play with." Fortunately a number of users have come to her defense. The post has since been deleted.