YBN Almighty Jay and Blac Chyna caught everyone by surprise when they came out as a couple. However, the couple have been going strong over the past few months. Despite the age gap, they seemed infatuated with each other. However, it looks like the two may have ended things recently.

YBN Almighty Jay hit the 'Gram to reveal that he and Chyna are no longer a couple. He didn't dive into detail but he did confirm the two of them are no longer together. The two of them haven't been seen around each other for a few weeks at this point. If you take a look at their respective Instagram pages, they seemed to have deleted photos of each other. 

Strangely enough, their break up comes a week after it was speculated that she got Jay's name tattooed on her forearm. It's typically a bad idea in general to get a tattoo of anyone on your body but this seems to be an even worse move on her part.

Their split shouldn't come as much of a surprise. For the past few months, the two of them have claimed to have broken up only to be spotted together shortly after. However, maybe this is the final straw for both parties.