Blac Chyna's ex Pilot Jones is still pursuing his lawsuit against Blac and Rob Kardashian, alleging they cyberbullied him leading to a series of unfortunate events in his life. As the story goes, Pilot claims that Rob and Blac blamed him for selling an image of him kissing Blac to the paparazzi. Once his name hit the media he believes Rob and Blac defamed him, exposed him as gay and even shared his number to the public resulting in death threats. 

TMZ now reports that Pilot is asking for a large sum of money to the tune of $2 million. New legal documents detail how Pilot is asking for $500k for emotional distress, $250K for the damage caused within his family, another $250k for past and future medical expenses, $600k for lost earnings and $7,200 for lost rent. It doesn't end there since Pilot is also asking for $500k in punitive damages. Pilot said things got so bad that he attempted suicide and wants the former couple to pay up. 

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

In other Blac news, she and two of her friends are suing a woman for rear-ending them in 2017, citing "severe injuries and damage" after the woman "violently" collided with the back of their car.