As you know, it's nearly impossible for us to go an entire week without hearing about some new craze that's taken the internet by storm. Right now, everyone is debating on whether Popeye's or Chik-fil-A has the better sandwich and as we rush to both restaurants to compare the two, women around the country are submitting their entries into the DMX Challenge. Last night, we posted about the trend, which has taken the world by surprise, in which women show off their multiple transformations, flexing different hair colors and styles to the tune of DMX's "What These Bitches Want." Blac Chyna ended up submitting her video and surprisingly enough (or not really...), A1 Bentley of Love & Hip Hop fame also joined in.

With the number of looks Blac Chyna has pedaled through over the years, you just knew that she would be providing us with a crazy version of the DMX Challenge. She didn't disappoint either, cycling through all of her most fabulous looks and rocking a different wig in each one. Later in the same night, A1 Bentley decided to have some fun, posting a series of his more recent hairstyles and getting the fans riled up in his comments. His video was a repost from another account but it's just as effective, showing off his craziest looks of the year.

Who has had the best DMX Challenge video so far?