Blac Chyna may be in the headlines more than she needs to be with tons of pictures of her supporting her friend's SlutWalk and her running errands with her baby, Dream. But every now and then she doesn't want to be noticed, more recently when she was leaving a club and slapped a phone out of a guys hand when he was taking a photo of her.

TMZ posted a video of Blac standing on the Hollywood Blvd. where it shows her knocking a phone out of a man's hand. She walks towards her SUV but doesn't get in before turning around and cursing out the guy telling him to go sell the pictures. The guy defends himself saying, "if you had told me not to shoot I wouldn't have shoot." Blac doesn't care what he has to say. She continues to curse him out claiming she'll get some "real n***as" to come through on him. 

The guy and his crew don't step off her and Blac still chooses to not get in her SUV. They keep telling her "all you gotta do is say no and we would have respected that." Blac is now a suspect in a misdemeanour vandalism report by the LAPD. Watch the video below.

We reported yesterday that one of Blac's friends, Maddy Morebucks, shared her opinion on Blac's apparent substance abuse problem in a SnapChat that went viral. Maddy said that Blac really needs to "chill the f**k out" with the drugs adding that she was going to "let that s**t slide" for the night. Details on where the two were out together or what kind of drugs Maddy's referring to were not revealed. 

Blac and having substance abuse issues are not unheard of especially in the court cases between her and ex Rob Kardashian. Rob allegedly sued Blac for physically assaulting him while she was drunk and high. Court documents claim she attempted to choke him with her iPhone charging cable and hit him in the face and head repeatedly.