After Donald Trump once again singled out the city of Chicago for its rampant gun violence problem while speaking at the FBI's national academy graduation ceremony on Friday, a well-known Chi-town singer decided to make his own voice heard on the issue.

According to CNN's Deena Zaru, Bryan James Sledge, better known as BJ the Chicago Kid, spoke up on the issue of the Windy City's problem with violent acts of crime and, in a nutshell, tried to answer the President's repeated refrain of, "What the hell is going on in Chicago?" According the BJ, one should actually be looking at the inner working of law enforcement if they want a real solution to the problem.

"We can talk about Chicago gun violence and the crazy things that happen on the news, but yet police brutality is probably happening right now somewhere. And I mean, police officers get off every day for doing this," he said. "There still is a huge gap in the conviction rate of officers that kill innocent people, definitely black men, especially."

BJ, who has been nominated for a Grammy Award, is a man who wants a real answer for why so few cops are actually convicted for their trigger-happy acts of violence towards Chicago's residents. "It's very mind-boggling how the (officer) conviction rate is so low, but it happens weekly, daily ... and it's swept under the rug, it's swept under the rug," the singer continued. "It's no repercussions. These are not tickets; there are people losing their lives. These are families that will never see their loved ones ever again."

Donald Trump has also been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement since he's entered the political arena.