Earlier today, we reported on a story about UFC legend BJ Penn and a recent bar fight he got into while in Hawaii. Initial videos detailing the scene showed Penn pinning a man down and punching him repeatedly in the back of the head. Based on what was seen in the clip, it was obvious that Penn had dominated the fight and it wasn't very fair. Well, it turns out that wasn't exactly the case, as TMZ has obtained brand new footage of the altercation.

In fact, Penn and the man on the ground were fighting way before the video above. According to a source close to Penn, he felt as though the man was antagonizing him the whole night and they ended up squaring up on the street. In the video below, you can see Penn take two huge punches to the face and even gets knocked down to the ground. That's when Penn's friends intervened and helped him get up.

The man who fought Penn spoke to TMZ afterward and explained what happened in the video where he's on the ground. Essentially, the man says Penn sucker-punched him later on in the night and that's why he was left in such a compromising position. 

Penn has been in altercations like this before as just a couple of months ago, he was caught on camera fighting a strip club bouncer.