BJ Penn has been getting into a ton of trouble recently and it all started back in June when he was caught on camera beating up a strip club bouncer in Hawaii. Just a couple of weeks ago, Penn was in some trouble again as videos emerged of him being beaten up by a man on the street. In a second video, Penn gets his revenge and ends up on top of the man as he lays down some haymakers to let the guy know what's up. These recent videos are fairly bizarre especially when you consider how Penn has a fight coming up and that he has a reputation to uphold. 

In an interview with TSN, Penn broke his silence on these videos and offered an explanation for it all. In the most recent incident, Penn says the man in question was an acquaintance and got violent for no reason. Penn says he tried hugging the man and instead of reciprocating, the man threw punches which is what led to the larger altercation. Penn also went on to talk about the strip club fiasco and how it's affecting his personal life.