BJ Penn is a legend in MMA and the UFC although he hasn't exactly lived up to that status over the past few years due to a plethora of losses. Either way, Penn's spot in MMA history has been secured for a while now. For the past few months now, Penn has been hanging out in Hawaii and at times, he has gotten himself into quite a bit of trouble. Back in June, Penn was involved in an incident at a strip club where he started beating up a bouncer. 

According to TMZ, Penn was in yet another altercation recently, this time at the Lava Shack on the Big Island. In a video obtained by the outlet, Penn can be seen pinning a man to the ground and unleashing haymakers upon his head while a group of people looks on. At one point, security tries to intervene and he is finally pulled off.

According to the report, cops eventually showed up on the scene although no arrests were made and Penn has yet to comment on the incident. The UFC legend will have to watch himself moving forward as these altercations could give him quite the reputation.

If there is one thing for certain here, it's that you probably shouldn't mess with Penn if you see him in the streets.