Once Upon a Beef, there was some animosity between veteran rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Atlanta's trap stars Migos. To recap: back in December 2018 Migos declared themselves to be the greatest rap group of all time. Bone Thugs member Layzie Bone didn't take too kindly to the self-proclamation, so he shared a video on Instagram blasting the trio by saying, "Migos sit down, we gon shut y'all down for 2019. Y'all lil' n*ggas talk too much."

What commenced was a series of diss tracks and Bizzy Bone referencing his musket, and before you knew it, there were other rappers involving themselves in the back-and-forth. Layzie Bone released a track titled "Let Me Go Migo," and 21 gave his two cents about the record. "I thought that sh*t was going to be hard, 'cause I love all that old sh*t," he said. "But that sh*t was wack as a motherf*cker."

At the time, Layzie reportedly demanded an apology from the "A Lot" rapper, but there wasn't any movement. However, according to Bizzy Bone's recent interview on the Murder Master Music Show, 21 did apologize to Layzie in the end; not just for the music jab, but for saying some sideways things about the "First of the Month" rapper's family.

"I heard that 21 Savage apologized to Layzie over the phone," Bizy said. "That's the only thing I heard about the situation. I don't even think it is one of those things you can really chop it up about. Well, he apologized for saying he was gonna f*ck his wife, and you still said 'N*gga can't pull out no M's' and that's the last thing you said to the world. 'You n*ggas are old, you old ass n*ggas!'"

"Wait a minute b*tch, I'm just about as old as you b*tch, we look the same!" he continued. "I'm just saying these small little nitpicking things, when you golden and you legendary those kinda words just bounce off of you. It's just something they are saying now. They called Rakim 'The God,' how can you cheapen that? But you can cheapen the word 'legend' by adding 'old head' to it, and then when a little bit of 'broke' to it, when you add a little bit of money that's worse than a f*ckin' rap diss. The only thing you can do is come back with $100,000 worth of jewelry on and pristine camera work and a pristine project that you get behind. That's the only thing you can do after that."