Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is the only group in hip-hop to ever work with both Tupac and Biggie Smalls before their untimely death. And with both legendary rappers, they've released classic records that can still be heard today. 

Bizzy Bone recently shared a new vlog where he recounted meeting 'Pac for the first time for their collaboration. Apparently, "Thug Luv" was initially supposed to be with just Bizzy and Tupac. Bizzy said that he lined up the Henny and Alize, along with a zip of weed, in preparation for Tupac's arrival. 

'Pac apparently came into the studio with the Outlawz accompanying him and knocked out the verse in a few takes. Bizzy followed up and emerged from the booth with the rest of the room in awe. He admitted, though, that it was recording with Tupac that inspired his work ethic down the line. 

"When it first happened, it was Sylk-E Fyne on the record. I did two verses and 'Pac did a verse. Then on my other verse, Pac did my triple-ups,” Bizzy recalls. “So, he came in behind it. It's an exclusive version. I only think Sylk-E Fyne is the only one that got that version.”

So, the song was initially supposed to be a solo record for Bizzy Bone's project. However, he said that the day it was released, he was in Ohio and that was the first time he heard the final cut of the record with the rest of Bone Thugs.

"I listened to it. It was no longer a solo song. It became a Bone song," he said. "It's a business decision and it was the smartest thing to do," he continued. Unfortunately, the group version that emerged resulted in Sylk-E-Fine's verse getting cut.

"They took Sylk-E-Fine off the record. That hurt me more than anything else because she worked her ass off in order to make that shit happen," he said.