The Obamas have always been a couple to show the utmost amount of class in how they've carried themselves and interacted with others, both during and after Barack's two terms as the nation's 44th President. They've continued to display the same level of tact with the recent passing of hip-hop legend Biz Markie, who was experiencing complications with diabetes before his death on July 16th. His widow, Tara Hall, shared a letter with TMZ that she received from the Obamas following his death.

In the letter, the Obamas remarked that they didn't know Biz to the same degree that Hall or his other loved ones did, but they recognized him as "one of rap's most innovative stylists and as a great man." They also included a fond memory they had of Biz while he was supporting Barack on the campaign trail during his 2008 presidential bid, recalling that he would perform "Party with a Purpose" to encourage people to get out to vote. They also remarked that his legacy within hip hop will "span generations just as it has for nearly four decades."

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Biz Markie attends a Netflix premiere in 2018 - David Livingston/Getty Images

Hall added that she received the letter unsolicited last week and was stunned to have received anything at all. Following Biz's passing, Hall is starting a fund in his name with hopes to further raise money for the organizations he was supporting while he was alive. The fund is called the "Biz Markie's Just a Friend Charity Fund," named after one of the late rapper's most iconic and memorable hit songs.

Biz's life and legacy was remembered at a family and friends memorial service in Long Island on Monday, with friends like Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, LL Cool J, Montell Jordan, and Ice-T in attendance. Aside from the Obamas, figures like Rev. Al Sharpton, Talib Kweli and comedian Dave Chappelle have paid their respects to the late rapper and DJ.

Check out the letter at the link below and let us know what you think about the Obamas' touching remarks.