Months ago, news spread that hip hop legend Biz Markie was battling an illness. There were reports that the "Just a Friend" rapper had been hospitalized for weeks, causing fans to join together virtually to wish Biz Markie well. For years, Biz has struggled with diabetes and he's previously stated that there was a time that things became so severe that doctors believed that his foot needed to be amputated. As he's attempted to get his health in check over the years, there have still been pitfalls in his journey.

This week, rumors began to circulate that Biz Markie had fallen into a coma. The gossip regarding his alleged dire condition caused panic within the music world, but it's being reported by HipHopDX that Biz is alert and doing well as his team has confirmed that Biz Markie is not in a coma. Because the rapper hasn't updated his Instagram in months or shared the status of his recovery, people were quick to believe the gossip. Markie's recent hospitalization had nothing to do with the COVID-19 crisis and his rep stated “he is receiving the best care from an amazing team of medical professionals and we remain positive about the outcome" for the treatment of his type 2 diabetes.