Bishop T.D. Jakes is gaining popularity thanks to a bit of roasting on social media. Jakes wore a particularly flashy shirt to preach last Sunday and the photographic evidence of the moment is making rounds. Given the Versace swag he is wearing in the photo, people are jokingly referring to the preacher as the new member of Migos. A meme actually made it onto Quavo's Instagram. The rapper wrote, " A M E N" in his caption, followed by the prayer hands emoji.

Charlamagne Tha God joined the fun too, with his caption:"Bishop The Drip Jakes. All this time I never knew what the TD stood for."

Fans in the comment sections of each post have come up with clever ways to refer to the new sensation. The user @ms.peaches sums it up by writing, "they done called this man Prayvo, Godset, & Takeoffering! 'Came thru Drippin'" Then @malcolmxavier comments, "Dude look like 21 Sabbath." The finessing of song lyrics also made it into the action, of course, with quotes like @chucktown_baller's "Raindrop Droptop put at least 50 in the offering box" or @jayanthonydaniel's "Preach it like I Teach It." And the fun continues on Twitter:

The bishop is one of the most financially successful preachers we know of with a net worth clocking in at close to $150 million. The man has the means to wear whatever he wants. He is showing God's fruit, alright.