Black Mask has long been one of Batman's most vicious foes. Born Roman Sionis, he first debuted in the mid 80's as a child born to Gotham City socialites. His parents cared more about their social standing with billionaires such as Martha and Thomas Wayne than their son, casting him aside in favor of their baller lifestyles. As Roman grew up, he began to resent his parents and ultimately ended up murdering them after they forced him to break up with the love of his life. His parents were head of a cosmetics company, but Roman ran it into the ground and was offered a bailout by Bruce Wayne. 

Enraged by his own failures and insulted by Bruce's offer to buy his company, Roman carved a black mask from the ebony of his father's casket and began a life of crime. As a mob boss, he hunted down Wayne Industries employees until Batman came to save the day. In an epic battle, Batman and Robin defeated Black Mask in a burning building, but the fight left the mask permanently burned onto Roman's face. 

As reported by DeadlineEwan McGregor will be joining the DCEU as Black Mask. He will play the main villain in Birds of Prey, the upcoming super-heroine film starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Quinn will have her work cut out for her, as she must assemble a team that will comprise of Black Canary and Huntress. Quinn is a super villain, who we last saw in Suicide Squad, while Huntress and Black Canary are typically heroes that she battles with. It will be interesting to see how DC and Warner Bros. craft this film. Birds of Prey drops on Feb. 7, 2020.