Birdman's abrupt, tense, and most of all, hilarious sit-down with The Breakfast Club looks to be an early contender for the most viral interview of the year. The interview, which lasted for less than two minutes, was filmed and recorded on Thursday and went on the air as well as online on Friday morning. After playing the shortest interview in the show's history, DJ Envy also decided to share the audio recording of what went down before the interview officially began.

In the below clip, one can hear Birdman entering the studio (not knowing he's being recorded) and immediately confronting all tree of the hosts, demanding that they each start putting more respek on his name. The audio is basically an imitation of what Birdman said during the short interview that first aired, but it shows why that chat, mostly between Birdman and Charlamagne, began so sourly. 

After exposing the manner in which Birdman and his entourage entered the studio, the show's hosts each voiced how they were offended by the Cash Money boss' approach to the interview. "That right there, to me, was some sucker stuff," said Charlamagne. DJ Envy proceeded to play audio clips of both Trick Daddy and Rick Ross speaking negatively on Birdman in an attempt to show that it wasn't him and his co-hosts who are ultimately responsible for Bird's name being broadcasted in an unfavorable light. 

That prompted Charlamagne to say, "Don't try to be tough to the radio guys if you ain't never pull up on Ross, or Trick, or Pusha T, or any of those dudes that's really getting after you." 

After taking some reactionary phone calls, Envy revealed that Birdman had called to apologize later in the day shortly after Thursday's interview. He apparently expressed that he wants to return to show and that he wishes to have a face-to-face conversation with Charlamagne. 

Charlamagne then jumped in to say that he has no interest in dealing with Birdman again under any circumstances. "I don't ever want to talk to Birdman," he said. "I didn't know Birdman before this, I don't need to know Birdman after this. God bless him. I wish him the best."