Birdman spoke on upcoming projects for YMCMB members to XXL, and it's going to be a busy year.

He spoke on Lil Wayne saying, “He’s working on a couple of albums. I think the next one he wants to put out is I’m Not a Human Being [Part 2]. We don’t have a date.  He never stops working. So with him, you never know. It all depends on when the young boss wants to drop it. Tunechi do what he want. We’re ready for whatever, whenever he’s ready to go. When he calls the shot, we’ll make it move.  Right now it’s about Tyga, Nicki, Twist, Bow and myself; everybody that has albums coming out before we put Wayne’s out in the next few months.”

Birdman's dream would be to bring the entire crew out on a stadium tour while they have projects out:

"That’s one of the goals we have,” Birdman said about a potential YMCMB stadium tour. “That’s something I would like to do one day in this lifetime. I want us to do our own tours. And we set up for that. That’s one of the reasons for having these special acts – for touring. Everybody is going to have fresh music out by the summer time. We just gonna keep it going. Try to find new acts, try to break new acts. And the acts that’s already broke, keep getting bigger and bigger. I can’t stress enough about the growth. We just want to grow, sell more records, do more digital numbers, find a way to keep expanding."