New Orleans' finest Birdman has recently been making headlines over his relationship with Toni Braxton and his desire to rid himself of his face tattoos, but the legendary hip hop mogul is most known for his lucrative deals, chart-topping hits, and being a polarizing figure in the rap industry. He recently sat down with Drink Champs to discuss his rise from being an up-and-coming rapper from Louisiana to dominating the game as the co-founder of Cash Money Records.

Birdman recently released a joint record with longtime friend and collaborator Juvenile titled Just Another Gangsta, but his career hasn't always been filled with triumphs. His tiff with Lil Wayne caught the attention of the world and Rick Ross came to Weezy's defense on his track "Idols Become Rivals. "I just came up, I mind my own motherf**king business," Birdman said of the controversy. "I don't get in no other n***a business So, when another n***a in another n***a business, to me, that's a violation. That's how I come up, simple. I ain't ever been no man to speak down on no man in this music business, never did."

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"That ain't my thing 'cause I know how hard this s**t is. I ain't here to downplay a n***a, I wanna see a n***a come up, period. So, as far as me ever speaking down on a n***a, I don't ever do it. Now if a n***a disrespect me, it's f**k him. F**k him or b***h, we can kill, shoot, whatever you wanna do. But, as far as me speaking down on a n***a in this game, that ain't my M.O. 'cause I do my thing."

The CEO kept that same energy when he explained what the animosity was between Cash Money and No Limit. "That s**t was real. They ain't f**k with us, we ain't f**k with them, that s**t real. We from two different projects, so it just didn't ever mix and me and his relationship never mixed. Maybe the artists, but we didn't f**k with each other, so they couldn't f**k with each other. We just ain't never vibe. We ain't ever had no beef, ain't nobody dead. But, we just didn't ever vibe. Don't get me wrong, I got the utmost respect for him. He from my same city. So, n***as came up and he did some shit n***as still trying to do. He put out 35 albums in one year, that's a lot of hustling. But, I salute to everything he doing."

Check out Birdman on Drink Champs below to see what else he had to say about being a part of putting the New Orleans rap scene on the map, how he felt about the Hot Boys breaking up, rebuilding his relationship with Lil Wayne, inking a $30 million deal with Universal Records, and much more.