Birdman spoke to Angie Martinez of Hot 97 to clear the air on the many rumors circulating concerning Lil Wayne's health. Weezy's father figure revealed that the rappers seizure was caused by his crazy work ethic, that he is doing well, and will see release in the next day or two.

Stunna first cleared up the rumor that Lil Wayne had suffered yet another seizure after being hospitalized and released earlier this week. The YMCMB mogul claimed the rapper never left the hospital. "He's been in the hospital since Tuesday", he said. 

Birdman said that the cause of the seizure was not to do with Wayne's "Sizzurp" abuse, but actually due to exhaustion from his demanding work schedule. On what caused the episode Baby said "to me honestly, his work ethic", adding "it didn't having nothing to do with drugs." Stunna said that Wayne "works round the clock", and the doctors have instructed that he needs to "rest, relax, take it one day at a time."

When asked about the TMZ report that started the controversy, Baby confirmed Mack Maine's previous report that Weezy was watching the game with his friends at the time of the announcement. "Wasn't none of that true" he said. "We were watching the game when all that popped off." He also added that Wayne was never in the critical condition that TMZ claimed the entire time he was there. "He never was in that kind of situation the whole few days we were in the hospital." On the publication's coverage, Birman said "you can really damage families like that."

Stunna explained that he was there when Wayne suffered the seizure but knew how to react, since it had happened before. "We was there when it happened, we was on the way to shoot a video" he said, adding "it was like the second or third time", so Birdman knew to "lay him down and call the ambulance."

As far as how to deal with Wayne's health Birdman said "it's out of our control, it's something we have to live with and maintain". While Weezy does have some meds, Baby said "they can't tell you nothing but get some rest and change what you been doing." And as for Wayne's rumored "lean" use, he said "at this point that's not what they're saying the cause of what's going on [is]."

He concluded with the good news that Tunechi is "in great health, he'll be home soon.", predicting his release would be "today or tomorrow."

Listen to the entire interview below.