Last year, Tyga appeared on The Breakfast Club and admitted that Birdman owed him millions, and that he was never paid for some of his biggest hits. "I had to pay to get out," stated Tyga of his deal with Cash Money. "At least 12 to 15 million they owe me, bro." After Charlemagne ran through a list of songs (such as "Rack City" and "Hookah") that Tyga apparently never got paid for, the rapper admitted he signed a bad deal because he was young and enamored at the time.

"I was on the road with Wayne, he's recording Tha Carter III, so I'm just in the sauce right now," stated Tyga. "We did 'Bedrock,' and then he's like, 'well, you gotta sign.' He was like 'this is going to be the single.' I was like, 'alright cool.' I signed. I didn't even think about it, I didn't think twice." The fallout from Cash Money is still taking place, as The Blast reports that Birdman recently asked for an extension to respond to Tyga's lawsuit.

Tyga sued Birdman and Cash Money for $10 million, which is still less than the number he quoted they owed him originally. In Birdman's request for an extension, he claims that Tyga has agreed to the “extension of time to facilitate ongoing settlement discussions.” If a settlement is reached, that would be two cases Birdman cleaned up this year, the first being Tha Carter V and his lawsuit with Wayne.