Was this Birdman's plan all along? Over a week ago, after demanding that The Breakfast Club put some "respek" on his name and storming out of his interview less than two minutes after his arrival, Birdman's name became one of the web's top trending topics for at least a few days. And during that time, it was rarely treated with respek, instead being mocked and meme'd to a hilarious but eventually superfluous extent. More recently, Birdman announced a new "Respek" merchandise line, with T-shirts adorned with some of his Breakfast Club one-liners. 

It has now been revealed that "Respek" will be the title of Birdman's next single. On the same day as his contentious interview, Bird announced the imminent release dates of both Ms. Gladys (his final solo album) and Rich Gang 2: The Lifestyle. It's unclear as to which project "Respek" will end up on.

Birdman shared the track's cover art this evening. It shows a raven with a red bandana on its neck. A list of all the companies that Birdman has a stake in is listed at the top of the image, showing brands like: Cash Money, Young Money, OVO, We The Best, and GTV. In the caption of his IG post, he told his New Orleans fans that he would be shooting the "Respek" video near the 3rd Ward in Uptown tomorrow as well as Tuesday (May 2-3). 

For some peculiar reason, Soulja Boy has provided a snippet of Birdman's "Respek" via his own Instagram. The post also shows footage from the (NSFW) music video, which it seems is partially complete. 

The video starts with Bird's signature outro, during which he explains the concepts of respek and disrespek. He then segues right into the hook, which begins: "Put some respek when you mention my name." 

Regardless if Bird just pulled a fast one on us, it's sounding like a banger. Respek.