As we've seen plenty of in the past, rappers like to pay homage to the things they love in tattoo-form. Kevin Gates recently had an interview where he explained many of his face tattoos, some of which are similar to Cash Money's Birdman. Now Birdman has inked something new on his face, which reps his Rich Gang management company (there was a Rich Gang album as well, basically a compilation with all of his homies).

Birdman posted images of his new ink on his Instagram, one of the reflected 'RG' as well as another of a finger tattoo that says 'YMCMYSL'. As the Smoking Section points out, this could very well be a permanent representation of Young Thug's Stoner Life movement, although Thugga does not seem to be very aware of his YMCMB affiliations.

You can check out images of both new tattoos in the gallery above. In addition to this, we have to report on the fact that Stunna bought the person who probably needs a Bugatti the least, a Bugatti. AKA Justin Bieber. The Biebz showed off his red Bugatti courtesy of Birdman on his Instagram with the caption, "Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti ♛ #generosity."

What do you think about all these shenanigans?