YMCMB is one of the biggest labels not only in the game today, but of all-time, and CEO, Birdman, wants to see them become even more prolific and truly dominate their competition.  In a sitdown with MTV, Baby talks about Young Money and its affiliates going up against their competitors and how he views them as “an enemy” and would like to see his label churn out 100 projects a year.

Although he has taken the label and his artists from humble beginnings and seen them grow into international stars, Bird wants to defeat any competitors.  He acknowledges those other labels that collaborate with YMCMB, but anybody else who is not on his team he wants to see crushed.  "Everybody that's doin' this — outside of who we done rocked with — is really an enemy to me. So if you ain't on the team, I'm after your head," he adds, “If you're doin' what we're doin'. We wanna do the most numbers every year, each year, the most digital numbers.”

Setting the bar awfully high, Williams says he wants to see his lable put out a combined number of roughly 100 new projects a year, which is a far cry from the output they had in 2012.   To get over on the other labels he thinks constantly putting out new material will make them the best. Talking to MTV, Birdman says, “Right now, as we stand, we have [48 acts] between Young Money, Cash Money, We the Best...The goal is to keep developing and keep putting out, so to do that we have to keep buckling down, grindin' hard and stayin' focused,” he also says, “And that's a big challenge, to put a hundred out."

In this climate of delays, and legal actions slowing down releases it is ambitious to ask for each act to put out two major projects a year, but YMCMB’s honcho does realize it’s what the fans want.