Birdman's been accused of some shady business dealings in his career, especially in recent times. After Tyga filed a lawsuit against the Cash Money mogul and Lil Wayne over $1M in unpaid, Birdman is now fighting to stay in control of his recording studio in Miami that's pumped out many hits that came out of Cash Money.

Birdman is battling to stay in control of Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios in Miami after EMG Transfer group filed documents against him trying to take control of the music facility, The Blast reports. Although they say the facility is a high-end fully functioning studio, they've accused Birdman of not handing over any rent made from the clients that have used the facility, despite a court order. 

Birdman responded in court documents, claiming that he has nothing to turn over because the Hit Factory doesn't get paid rent. He claims the use of the studio is for developing artists and creating demos for up-and-coming artists who Birdman feels has the potential to become major stars. He feels that if he loses control of the studio, he'll miss out on finding future stars for the Cash Money and nurture them like he did Lil Wayne's career.

While he's using the studio for artist development, he also argued that the money the comes in from the studio is due to the power of his name and affiliation. He claims that if he loses control of the studio, young artists won't be inclined to record or visit the studio which will ultimately harm the business.

This lawsuit comes after EMG accused Birdman of defaulting on a $12M loan which was ultimately obtained after by using his mansion and recording studio as collateral. Although he's previously sold the mansion, it looks like EMG is gunning for the studio as well.