Birdman and Mannie Fresh have long hinted at a reunion. It seems our patience has finally been rewarded, as The Big Tymers are set to release a new single on friday, after years apart. Their hiatus has been spelled out to us as a professional retreat. They have none the less maintained a close friendship over the years.

The Cash Money mogul took to Instagram to announce the single, named "Designer Caskets." The post also made mention of an April 6/7 release for the video. It seems they are really banking on the legend card. The pair has not performed or recorded since 2005, with Birdman successfully becoming the man behind the mask. To his credit, Birdman knows a thing or two about staging a coup, as you might recall.

Birdman has long controlled the narrative of the Cash Money story from its humble beginnings, and yet no retelling is truthful without handing credit over to Mannie Fresh for helping personify their brand from an artistic perspective. Birdman for his part, carried out their business strategy, while passing as a rapper, albeit just barely. We'll have to wait and see if the duo have rediscovered their magic after years apart.