While the Fyre Festival's ill-fated existence initially brought myself and countless others plenty of gleeful, yet admittedly mean-spirited enjoyment, it would appear that real-world consequences continue to be felt. Most strongly, of course, by Billy himself. Though the nightmares of bland sandwiches and apocalyptic festival conditions may continue to plague the nightmares of attendees for years to come, they will be able to nurse their sorrows from the comfort of their own beds. The same can not be said for Billy, who has found himself hit with yet another fraud charge. 

According to Hypebeast, Billy has officially plead guilty to a second fraud charge, his second conviction in five months. Apparently, the man was such a fiend for criminal behavior that he continued to run another racket while on bail for his initial transgression. According to a plea made to the Federal District Court, Billy was out there selling fake tickets to The Super Bowl, Burning Man, and various events. Like a more dubious variation of Old Gil from The Simpsons. 

Sadly, there were many who fell for Billy's snake oil tactics, with a statement claiming over thirty people spent approximately $150,000 US on fake tickets. As a result, the man was hit with "wire fraud, bank fraud, and making false statements to federal law enforcement agent." The report has words from US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who seems to believe his very nature shows little sign of changing. “McFarland’s fraudulent schemes cost real people real money, and now he faces real time in federal prison for his crimes," explains the judge. 

McFarland is currently facing a possible  115 years in prison, though his expected sentence is looking closer to fourteen years. Though the L's have been numerous, let us characterize this one as "character-building" and move on.