In a bizarre twist of events in Week 2 of the NFL regular season, Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis quit and subsequently retired from professional football during the intermission of the Bills matchup against the LA Chargers on Sunday afternoon. 

While he played with the team in the first half, trailing by 28-6 by halftime, the 10-year veteran did not return to the field in the second half with coach Sean McDermott confirming that Davis had "communicated that he was done."

Davis went on to release an official statement, explaining that he decided that he could not step back out on the field after coming to the realization that he was not performing at his best.

 "This isn't how I pictured retiring from the NFL," Davis said. "Today on the field it really hit me fast and hard: I shouldn't be out there anymore.

"I meant no disrespect to my teammates and my coaches. But I hold myself to a standard. Mentally, I always expect myself to play at a high level. But physically, I know that isn't possible, and I had an honest moment with myself. While I was on the field, I just didn't feel right, and I told the coaches, 'I'm not feeling like myself.'

"I also wondered, Do I want to keep sacrificing? And truthfully, I do not because the season is long, and it's more important for me and my family to walk away healthy than to willfully embrace the warrior mentality and limp away too late."

While McDermott told reporters that he would not get into details surrounding the moments of Davis's retirement, other Bills' players, namely Lorenzo Alexander, were more vocal about their disdain for what took place in the locker room.