Billie Eilish paid tribute to two fans who passed away recently. This past Thursday, the famed artist took to Instagram to pay her respects to superfans, Kira Stanley and Skylar Davies. She first shared photos of Skylar Davies via her Instagram and captioned: "Rest easy beautiful girl. Sending every ounce of love I have to Skylar's family and friends. My heart is shattered." Eilish's millions of followers joined in to pay their respects to the deceased. Shortly afterwards, Billie Ellish then shared a photo of herself with Kira, quoting the following: "Fuck. I don't understand why is this all happening. I hate this. I don't know how I'm only finding out now. You're not here anymore. I love you so much Kira," the words were followed with: "Please fly high. Rest in peace….I want to scream." 

According to E! News, each fan died of different causes. Kira, for one, passed after an enduring battle to brain cancer. On the other hand, details of Skylar's passing were found on her family's GoFundMe wherein they shared that "Skylar collapsed, her heart stopped beating and she never regained consciousness. Skylar was our world and we are deeply heartbroken." Rest in peace to them both.