It's not every day that Green Day is referenced within the hip-hop world, though 2018 has yielded a few notable ones. For starters, J. Cole previously boasted to "get the bread like I'm Green Day" on "Motiv8." Recently, Vince Staples looked to the influential punk-rock band to draw inspiration for his FM! album cover. Upon release, many noted the similarities between Vinces' album cover and that of Green Day's 1994 album Dookie. 

The FM! artwork, designed by Verdy, has now caught the eye of Green Day's frontman, the iconic Bille Joe Armstrong. Clearly, he's a fan of Staples' work, as he chose to view the artistic similarity for what it was: a homage. Taking to Instagram, Armstrong hit Staples with the official stamp of approval. "I love this," he writes, a man of few words. As for Staples, his thoughts on Green Day remain unclear for now, though given the eclectic sound of his music, it wouldn't be surprising to count them among his myriad influences.