On Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the 65-year-old took some time to address the ongoing controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix original comedy special, The Closer. Currently, the comedian is facing backlash for comments he made about the LGBTQ community that have been deemed controversial and insensitive by many.

When Maher began talking about the scandal, which has been all over the news for several weeks now, an audience member let out an audible groan. “What the f*ck was that reaction?” the host asked. “Everyone needs to Netflix and chill the f*ck out on this one.”

The New Yorker then threw in a clever joke of his own, referencing one of the streamer’s other must-see shows of the moment – Squid Game. “Really? Dave’s special is offensive but not the show where Koreans murder each other for money?” Afterwards, he threw shade at those who have been criticizing The Closer without having seen it for themselves.

“I think people jump to conclusions,” he told his audience on Friday. “People haven’t seen it. Just because people call Dave transphobic doesn’t mean that he is. Also, Larry? Not a real cable guy.”

Later on in the episode, Maher held a panel discussion with John McWhorter and Andrew Yang, during which they dove further into the Chappelle situation. “I’m a free-speech guy,” the host told his co-stars. “Now, I’m Team Dave but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-trans. We can have two thoughts in our head at the same time.”

See the discussion panel clip from Real Time with Bill Maher below.