Bill Cosby's prison program in Pennsylvania could entail him taking on kitchen duties or sewing or hemming prison garments for 45 cents an hour. Although he won't be forced to work, it might be in his best interest to keep busy, with his "sex offender" status a heavy presence wherever he ends up. TMZ reports that he could be thrust into a maintenance position, or worse as a makeshift "nurse-aide" to the facility's medical unit. He will be limited to work assignments that are conceivable within the limitations posed by his "legal blindness." 

The salary range for inmates within this sector of the industrial prison complex range between 19 to 45 cents per hour, a far cry from his combine bi-annual salary of $86 million in 1986 and 1987, at the height of the Cosby Show and his stand-up run. Unfortunately, this was also the period he stands accused of molesting dozens of women, dating all the way back to a reported incident in 1965.

As previously reported, Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in a state prison after being found guilty on several counts of sexual assault and was taken directly into custody, where his current prison whereabouts within the SCI Pheonix facility remain a mystery. Cosby will likely begin his stint in general population unless something warrants a change.