Bill Cosby has been involved in a sexual assault retrial after he was acquitted of having drugged and raped Andrea Constand and several other women. The initial trial could not concede whether or not he was guilty, but that has not stopped Constand from demanding justice for the trauma she allegedly endured; she was then granted another chance to prove the former actor's delinquency. 

Cosby's wife Camille has been noticeably absent from the proceedings for weeks, but made a stealth appearance in court today on the last day of the retrial before the jury begins its deliberations. Camille clutched her husband's arm as they made their way into the courthouse, showcasing her support amid the flurry of unfavourable allegations pinned against the comedian. 

Similar to his first round of court appearances, Cosby did not testify during the retrial. However, Constand did take the stand, and was described as  a liar who is looking to capitalize on this fabricated situation by the defendant's attorneys.

Five other women joined Constand in charging Cosby with having drugged and raped them on separate occasions. 

The case could be handed over to the jury as early as Tuesday afternoon; stay tuned for more details.