When we see statements or comments being made from someone's account, we obviously believe it comes from that person. Sure, people are known to quote others, but that is, usually, made clear. However, that has not been the case with Bill Cosby, and now the public is reevaluating several of the elderly actor's recent comments.

Within the last week, we have seen Cosby's account post about Boosie Badazz, praising the rapper and asking the public to support his biopic My Struggle. News also circulated that Cosby believed R. Kelly was "railroaded" after his publicist stopped for an interview and told TMZ just as much, but after receiving backlash, the publicist has returned.

Another update from Cosby's account has gone viral after it showed that not everything his publicist claims has necessarily been the actor's opinions. Andrew Wyatt surfaced with an explanation, stating that certain sentiments are his, not his clients.

"As the publicist of Mr. Cosby, I have the right to my opinion and my opinion is not a reflection of Mr. Cosby's. Yes, I feel that Robert Kelly was railroaded and those were my words, not the words of Mr. Cosby. I will continue to reflect my views because the 1st Amendment allows me the same privileges as the media. That you very much."

People have accused Wyatt of overstepping his boundaries and believe he should be fired. Check it out below.