While jurors listened to the judge presiding over Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial read over prior testimony, the former comedian's lead lawyer decided it was an appropriate time to take a cat nap.

Tommy Mesereau was initially spotted sleeping at the defence table for a half-an-hour. When he finally woke, the assertions and revelations from the deposition was being read, and he veered in and out of consciousness throughout the remainder of the hearing; the judge and other individuals present in the courtroom did not comment on Mesereau's somnolent state. 

Jurors called it quits for the night after ten long hours. The seven men and five women who were selected to be part of the panel ended their first day of deliberation without reaching a verdict. 

Throughout the testimony, Cosby was caught smiling amid a flurry of claims involving drugging and molestation. The media personality maintains that his sexual relationship with his accuser, Andrea Constand, was purely consensual.