Camille Cosby's attempt at getting her husband's judge removed from his sentencing has failed. As previously posted, Camille and Bill's legal team wanted Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill to step down claiming that he was ruling unfairly due to past rivalry with the former district attorney.

According to  Page Six, Steven O’Neill has denied any bias and will not be removing himself from the case. “No ‘grudge,’ animus, bias or prejudice can be claimed because it does not exist,” he wrote. “This court simply has no bias against any witness called by the defense or the Defendant himself.”

He detailed how his past political happenings with the former district attorney have always been public knowledge and if it was such a problem Bill's team should have said something earlier, not days before his sentencing. “Clearly, the defendant was aware, or should have been aware, of the basis for the instant motion in March of 2018 at the latest, prior to the commencement of the retrial,” he added.