Sad news comes from the Cosby family today as Bill's daughter Ensa has suddenly passed away, TMZ  reports. Ensa was 44-years-old and reportedly died in Massachusetts due to unknown causes. She was said to have significant medical issues in the past where she was reported to have a kidney transplant lined up. 

Esna was one of her father's biggest supporters when it came to the number of sexual assault and rape allegations pinned against Bill's name. 

"My father has been publicly lynched in the media and my family, my young daughter, my young niece and nephew have had to stand helplessly by and watch the double standard or pretending to protect the rights of some but ignoring the rights of others," she previously stated. "I strongly believe my father is innocent of the crimes alleged against him and I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal."

Ensa's death comes just one-month before her father is set to be retried on rape charges in Pennsylvania.

This is Bill's second child who has passed away. His son Ennis Cosby was shot in the head after a failed robbery attempt in 1997. 

Ensa once starred in an episode of The Cosby Show wearing orange pants and deciding to not join in on underage drinking. Watch below.