Bill Cosby has been sentenced to spending 3 to 10 years behind bars for sexual assault charges. One of the inmate's phone call recordings, which has been obtained by Radar Online, seemingly points to a paradigm shift for the 81-year-old. Listeners can hear the entertainer recall a strange occurrence during which his finger passed through his navel. The audio clip is available after the jump.

"What I'm about to tell you is not something that I think is something in the cosmos, or spiritual or something," he said. "For the first time ever in my life, I was sitting and I was relaxed."

Mark Makela/Getty Images

"I am unsighted," he continued. "So, I took my hand and I was about to pick something up and my index finger went across — and I'm telling you the truth, this is not a joke and I'm very proud to tell you this at this time. My finger went across my navel."

He seems to be aware of the absurdity of his story as he links it to his deceased mother: "When it went across, there was a throbbing, and that I think we've all had them in the muscle, some muscle will go 'TICK TICK' something like that," he said. "'TICK TICK.' I put my finger back there to it — now, this is all subjective, I'm saying to myself, my mother, who is dead. Not that she was contacting me, my mother [was] calling me or trying to reach me."