The end of Bill Cosby's ongoing sexual assault trial came to an end yesterday when he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Andrea Constand was the center of the retrial and testified amongst five other women. The jury took over 24 hours to decided on the final verdict but finally found Bill guilty on three charges of indecent aggravated assault.

Since the news broke, Bill's former university Temple U has now pulled his honourary degree. The actor was awarded the honour in 1991 but on Friday the school released a statement saying, "today the Temple University Board of Trustees has accepted the recommendation of the University to rescind the honorary degree." Bill was on the board for years before resigning in 2014. TMZ reports that since the sexual assault allegations surfaced, Bill has lost more than 20 certificates from colleges and universities. 

After Bill's final hearing yesterday, it was reported that he went on a tirade. Prosecutors were concerned that Bill would flee the city on his private plane and asked if they could take him into custody right away. Bill apparently wasn't happy about what was being said about him and yelled: "He doesn't have a private plane, you asshole!"